Social protection

Foreign employees: Registering for French Social Security

Foreign employees who work and live in France are covered by French social security legislation, regardless of their nationality or location of their employer.

As such, they are covered by the “Régime général” (General Social Security System) of France’s public health insurance fund. Foreign employees must be able to prove that they are legally allowed to live in France by showing a valid residence permit.

Seconded employees: Coverage by your home country’s health insurance system

According to the French social security, a seconded employee is one who has been sent by a foreign-based employer to perform a temporary assignment in France.

The chain of command between the employee and the employer is maintained during the assignment in France. Under certain conditions, the employee may be covered by the social security system of the country in which they usually work.

Depending on the status of an intra-community posted worker, seconded employee by bilateral agreement, or other, additional formalities will be required.