Financing solutions

Public programs to support the creation of companies

In France, entrepreneurs can benefit from many public programs to help start a business. These programs, provided by the public authorities, also concern business buyers.

New support for the creation or the takeover of business (NACRE), Support contract for the business project (CAPE) or help with the recovery or the creation of a business, we invite you to take knowledge of the different existing programs.

Financing your R&D

There are several grants in France to finance the R & D of your company. Among these grants, we find the Research Tax Credit and the status of Young Innovative or University enterprise.

The Research Tax Credit (Crédit Impôt Recherche) (CIR) is a measure of financing the research and development activities of existing companies in France. Find out about all the information available around the CIR for your company, such as the activities involved, how to benefit from them or the various CIR rates.

The status of Young Innovative (Jeune Entreprise Innovante – JEI) or University Enterprise (Jeune Entreprise Universitaire – JEU) offers tax and social exemptions under certain conditions. To benefit from these exemptions, companies must notably be SMEs less than 8 years old, be independent and have R & D expenses up to a minimum of “ 15% of the tax-deductible expenses for this financial year, excluding expenses engaged with other JEIs carrying out research and development projects.” (See

We invite you to read the other help available below:

Finance your concept

Do you want to start a business and are you wondering about the different financing methods for your concept?

The financing chain of a company is materialized by a relatively traditional scheme.
She is initiated by self-financing and Love Money, that is to say the financing by relatives, friends and family. We also find competitions, prizes and loans of honor in the first phases of financing. Depending on the growth of the company, different methods of financing will come to you.

In the incubation phase, funding comes primarily from incubators, public funds and accelerators. Business Angels and crowdfunding sites are generally the means of financing that is identified between the incubation and start-up phases of the business. Seed funds are financing solutions for the business in the seed and start-up phases and will be monitored by the venture capital funds for the growth phase.

Business Angels, BPI France, public aid, venture capital funds … we invite you to discover the various financing solutions that come your way.

Financing & regional aid

Network initiative (Réseau Initiative)

The initiative network is a decentralized network containing 230 local associations in France accompanying entrepreneurs in their creation / takeover of businesses. About twenty network initiative associations are locally located within the Southern Region.

These associations offer human support and financial support to entrepreneurs to finance their project. They work to reinforce the capital of the creators / buyers with loans of honor (Rate 0%, without guarantee).

Enterprise Investment Fund of the Region

The Regional Enterprise Investment Fund (Fonds d’Investissement pour les Entreprises de la Région – FIER) is a fund set up by the South Region to provide entrepreneurs with tools for financing their projects. Among the tools that can be found in the FIER include:

  • Seed fund up to € 2 million
  • The investment fund for SMEs, which involves participating loans of € 15,000 up to € 200,000 or acquisition of equity or convertible bonds of € 200,000 up to € 2 million.
  • The TTPE fund for small businesses with less than 10 employees with more than 2 years of existence resulting in loans of up to € 10,000.


The PARGEST fund is a fund set up for the financing of SCOPs (Société Coopératives et Participatives – Cooperative and Participative Companies) and SCICs (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif – Cooperative Interest Societies) in the South Region, which respond to the capital needs of companies in the creation, development or shifting phases.

Other aid from the Region Sud

The Region Sud also supports the creation of businesses through other forms of financing and regional aid.

Nearly 470 regional public financial aid schemes exist, covering financial needs in business creation and takeover, innovation, export, eco-development, financial management, material, immaterial and real estate investments. employment and training, business development and transmission.

Discover the help available according to your needs in financing directly on the portal of the Region SUD Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.

International banks

The various international banks established on the Riviera territory can present themselves as solutions to finance your project. Means of financing more difficult to access, especially when you are an innovative company, the bank loan remains a solution at your disposal.

We invite you to discover the banks that can provide you with financing on the Côte d’Azur.