Doctoral research

A PhD is a postgraduate degree, reserved for students who hold at least a Master’s degree and awarded to students who complete an original thesis offering a significant new contribution to knowledge in their subject. A PhD allows training in a specific research field and finding a job in the public or private research sector or any other branch after completing a thesis.

It is mandatory to complete a thesis in order to validate the doctoral studies. Completing a thesis requires much personal investment, which is why candidates must choose a subject they enjoy. It is imperative that the research makes an original contribution to the chosen field, based on independent research.

Your application for PhD studies is based on four essential points. You must:

  • Have a French master’s degree or its equivalent. If you do not have a French master’s, you must submit a waiver request to the Doctoral School you wish to join.
  • Have secured the agreement of a thesis advisor authorized to supervise research (i.e. habilitated with HDR title) and found a host laboratory/institute.
  • Have defined a doctoral research project (thesis topic). Note that most institutes and Doctoral Schools post a (non-exhaustive) list on their website of thesis topics offered.
  • Have obtained funding for the duration of doctoral studies, depending on the Doctoral School.

The support structures for PhD students at Université Côte d’Azur are :

  • The Center for Doctoral Studies, whose aim is to simplify the PhD students’ efforts at each stage of their research and to facilitate their integration
  • Doctoral Schools, which bring together research teams that support the training and future opportunities for Ph.D. students.
  • Labex, “laboratories of excellence” with the potential to support research in promising scientific fields.
  • The Welcome Centre, which welcomes and accompanies invited researchers and faculty in their administrative procedures.
  • The University Documentation Service, which assists and informs doctoral students regarding all questions related to the publication of their research results.