Visas and residence permits

For foreign researchers and doctoral/phd students

The “researcher-talent passport” long-stay visa allows you to pursue a doctorate, conduct research or teach in France. It may be renewed in the form of a multi-year residency permit.

If you are from the European Union, no visa is required.

For a stay of less than 12 months, your “researcher-talent passport” VLS-TS is valid for up to one year. In the three months following your arrival in France, you must have your visa validated by the Office français pour l’immigration et l’intégration (OFII -French Office of Immigration and Integration):

For a stay of 12 months or more, you initially have a “researcher-talent passport” visa valid for three months. In the two months following your arrival in France, you must go to the Prefecture to request your multi-year “researcher-talent passport” residency permit. It is valid for a period of time identical to that of the hosting agreement, to a maximum of 4 years.

To request your visa before your departure, please contact the competent French consular authorities of your country of residence.

For further information or for any specific queries regarding your visa and / or your residence permit, please refer to the French Government website for visas.