By moving to France for your studies, you can ask for a scholarship as a UAG student (“boursier sur critères sociaux”). The amount of this student scholarship is based on the parent’s income, the number of brothers-sisters and the distance between the place of residence and the university attended. This student scholarship is for students under 28 or for foreign students under certain conditions.

In addition of the above requirements, if you are a foreign student from a European country (European Union, European or Swiss Economic Area), you will need to be at least 28 years old and :

  • Have worked in France or prove that your parents or legal representative earned wages France

In addition of the above requirement, if you are a foreign student from another nationality, you will need to be at least 28 years old and :

  • Have the refugee status or benefit from a subsidiary protection from the OFPRA or
  • Hold a French residence permit since more than 2 years and live in France or prove that you have a taxable household in France since more than 2 years or
  • Be a citizen of Andorra and have been enrolled in a French high school of Andorra previously

In addition to a monthly income, this student scholarship provides several benefits: no registration fees, no CVEC fees (“Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus”), and a priority status to request a student housing in a CROUS residence.

In addition to the student scholarship based on social criteria (“bourse sur critères sociaux”), other student scholarships are available: Scholarships of excellence (“Bourses d’excellence”), scholarship granted by your home country…

Find out more about the different scholarships available for foreign students in France below.

Erasmus+ scholarship

The “Eramus+” program financially supports a large number of actions, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills abroad.

Focusing on several sectors ranging from education to professional training or even sports, the “Erasmus+” scholarship is available in all European Union member countries as well as some other countries.

What are the criteria, legal steps… to benefit from the Erasmus+ scholarship ? Discover all of the essential information about the Erasmus+ scholarship: