First application for a work permit and renewal

To work in France, whether you are a foreign employee in a company based in France or abroad,  you will need a work permit. This official document allows you to take up a paid employment in the country. Find here informations about how to apply and renew your work permit, to start and continue your professional activity on the Côte d’Azur.

Your first application for a work permit

For employees living outside France, the employer should contact the foreign labor department of the local employment authorities (DIRECCTE) covering the place where the employee will be working, in order to apply for a work permit, this involves initiating the so-called introduction procedure.

For employees resident in France, the employer must ensure that his future employee has a residence permit which authorizes him to work. To do this, the employer must request the authentication of his residence permit from the Prefecture that issued the permit.

If the foreign talent does not have such a title, a request for a work permit for the post considered is filed by the employer with the Direccte of the place of domicile of the foreign national (source :

Renew your work permit

Renew your work permit

A “formalities / residence permits” service based in Sophia-Antipolis deals exclusively with administrative formalities to facilitate the renewal of residence permits / work permits in the Alpes Maritimes territory.

This service is set up to provide an interface between the establishments (employers) and the prefecture to simplify administrative procedures for foreign companies and employees. Please find schedules, contact and practical sheets.

EDRH online service for the renewal of residence permits for foreign employees based in Sophia Antipolis (French):–titres-de-sejour-5.html